It's so cold in Minnesota that the Viking's ceremonial Gjallarhorn smashed

The pre-match routine normally involves sounding the Gjallarhorn, but not this time out it would seem

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Image: Andy Clayton-King / AP/Press Association Images

It's going to be a cold one in Minnesota this Sunday as the Seahakws take on the Vikings, but how cold will it be?

Well, predictions are saying that it could get as low as 0°F (around -17°C) but the temperatures have already started plummeting, much to the detriment of the ceremonial Gjallarhorn.

Before every game, the horn is blown to get the crowd amped up, and what with them being Vikings and all, it makes sense that it be the old Norse style of horn.

That usual routine has been affected by the weather this week however, as the beloved horn shattered over night in the cold.

Fear not, however, as the back up horn is on hand to help them mark the occasion.

Image: Nam Y. Huh / AP/Press Association Images

The players themselves, as well as staff at the ground, are wrapping up to protect themselves from the elements, and the flow of the game may well be dictated by the cold weather.

Images: Nam Y. Huh / AP/Press Association Images