Jackie Tyrell recalls confronting Brian Cody about mistake in tactics for the 2014 drawn All-Ireland

Hawk-Eye forced that decider to a replay

BY Sinéad Farrell 16:28 Saturday 12 November 2016, 16:28 12 Nov 2016

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When John O'Dwyer's free at the end of the 2014 All-Ireland free landed at the Davin end goal, the anticipation of a white flag was palpable.

It looked like a legitimate score but the referee was not convinced and Hawk-Eye was drafted in to settle the confusion. The scientific outline of the sliotar's trajectory ruled that it was wide by mere millimetres, but those fractional margins were all Kilkenny needed to get a second chance.

And in the replay, Brian Cody's men charged to a three point victory. During the week, Kilkenny defender Jackie Tyrell, who played an integral role during that famous rivalry with Tipperary, announced his retirement from inter-county hurling.

Speaking to Ger Gilroy and Dave McIntyre on Off The Ball, Tyrell recalled the moment he confronted Brian Cody about his tactics ahead of the drawn game that he felt needed to be looked at. 

"There was a couple of things. I felt psychologically, we weren't in the best place before it and I remember Brian telling us the morning of the game about the match-ups and that I was on Noel McGrath. And I remember thinking 'here's a huge game for us and and I'm finding out on the Sunday morning'. It was something I brought up with Brian after the All-Ireland and I said, 'maybe I'm different but when I'm playing a big game, I like to know the guy I'm playing before it so I can research him, I can watch video tapes on and I can see his movement and see him hitting off the left and the right to give me that advantage over him.' 

"I struggled a small bit with that and it was on my mind for about an hour before it. But the second day, we were told a week out. Joyceie (Kieran) was picking up Bonner (Maher), I was picking up Bubbles (O'Dwyer) and JJ (Delaney) was detailed for Seamus Callanan. I just think there was a mentality there that 'look they got the better of us the last day, not today it's personal this time. It's me or him and I have time to focus in on him and I think that had a huge bearing on our defence. We all got on top of our men that day, coupled with Padraig Walsh coming in and Kieran Joyce."

Bringing oversights to Brian Cody's attention seems like a daunting challenge for most, but Tyrell's observations were well received, which reiterates the respect shared between Cody and the Kilkenny players.

During the interview, Tyrell also remarks on the difficulties he encountered in adjusting to the role of substitute in his final year, as well as his struggles with self-doubt.


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