Jamie Carragher explains why he walked out with Liverpool fans on Saturday

An estimated 10,000 fans left Anfield in protest over ticket prices

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Carragher pictured with a fan after leaving the game early on Saturday. Picture Credit: twitter.com/Conn_1996

An estimated 10,000 fans left Anfield on Saturday evening during Liverpool's Premier League game with Sunderland.

Former player Jamie Carragher was one on the more notable people to leave the stadium, as fans protested over the club's plans to increase ticket prices next season. It was announced last week that the most expensive ticket in the redeveloped stand will cost £77 (€100 approx).

The Champions League winner wrote about the issue in Tuesday's Daily Mail. He claims the reason he took part in the "Walk Out On 77" was due to the greed of Premier League clubs. 

"I know the increase will not impact on me but I also know plenty about my city — £77 is too much to watch a game anywhere but that price is particularly over the top in Liverpool."

Carragher also claimed that pricing certain tickets at a high rate meant the average fan was being shut out of the club. "The club say that £77 gets you the best seat in the newest stand in the country but why should that be an elitist thing? Why can’t the normal working man have the chance to sit there? It isn’t fair."