Jim Gavin believes Dublin players becoming targets with plenty of questions for referees to answer

The Dublin manager was happy with their victory but believes some of his players have been the target of sledging that is outside the rules of the game

Jim Gavin believes some of his players are being targeted and its up to the referees to answer questions as to why they are not being fully protected.

The Dublin manager told Dave McIntyre he was happy with the "adaptability and flexibility" his side have shown in recent times and yet again on Saturday when they had to play a slightly more cautious game against a dangerous Donegal side.

One issue that will trouble Gavin is the disciplinary issues that crept into their play that saw them end the game with 13 men after Diarmuid Connolly and Eoghan O'Gara were sent off in the second half.

Gavin, however, does believe it is a challenge for some of his players as they are the targets of opposing teams and the officials need to be asked the same questions Gavin was faced with after yesterday's defeat.

“It was a source of disappointment that for a team that wants to play the game the way we want to that we, Dublin, end up with 13 men. That is the surprising bit I find. It is probably a question you need to ask the officials on that one," Gavin said.

“We all knew that some of our players would receive special attention. That was the case. It was up to the officials to act upon it. If they don’t, the eight of them, four umpires and four men in black, if they don’t act upon it they are letting the players down on the pitch. On both sides by the way," he said.

Asked whether Connolly is not a regular target seeing as how he has reacted in the past and Gavin responded, “Absolutely, yeah.”