Joe Brolly could be considering a run for political office

If reports are to be believed, the outspoken pundit has his eyes on the Aras

Joe Brolly, president, GAA,

Image: ©INPHO/Presseye/Lorcan Doherty

GAA pundit Joe Brolly is considering a run for political office, and believes that he might be able to secure the presidency. 

Speaking to The Belfast Telegraph, Brolly revealed that he had been contacted by "various political parties" about making a run for the presidency, but that he "couldn't possibly comment" on whether or not he'd be making the run.

He added that the campaign wouldn't have any "razzmatazz" and that "it would have to be zero-cost campaign [and] obviously be on important social issues and things like that". 

Brolly has been a part of the Opt for Life organ donation campaign for several years now, and believes that his experience there has shown him how he can get a movement going from the ground up, something which could serve him well were he to make a political move: "when we started three years ago our rates were extremely low and now... we're number one in the world for kidney donation".

Although he has not discussed the motion with his family yet, he stated that a friend has already put a few hundred euros on him to win. At 9/1 in the bookies, according to his own stats, there could be a nice windfall in store for them if the former Derry footballer wins the office.

Via The Belfast Telegraph