Joe Brolly upset at 'spineless' complaint by Armagh to RTE

The Derry man has challenged a representative of Armagh's County Board to debate the issue on live television

Joe Brolly has become further embroiled in a battle with Armagh County Board and Kieran McGeeney as the Derry man accused Armagh's County Board of a 'spineless' complaint to RTE.

Brolly says the response to his criticism of McGeeney is a 'smokescreen' as McGeeney's record in management is public knowledge and he has every right to disect it on national television as he sees fit.

In his weekly Gaelic Life column, Brolly says, "There was nothing either poisonous or personal about what I said. Now the Armagh Board has made a complaint to RTE. Spineless isn’t the word."

Although the Armagh County Board and RTE have refused to comment on whether or not a complaint was made, Brolly is upset at the nature of the alleged complaint and has challenged them to discuss the situation with him on live television.

Brolly continues, “I have offered to debate these fundamental issues on live TV with a member of the Armagh Board.

“Let them come on TV and explain why the county players don’t play club football. Let them explain what the relationship is between manager and board.