John Daly claims a fellow pro bet him $150,000 he wouldn't live to see 50

Fuzzy Zoeller made the bet with Daly a number of years ago at the Masters

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Picture by: Julio Cortez / AP/Press Association Images

John Daly turned 50 on Thursday and 'The Wild Thing' revealed on twitter he hoped his bank balance will get a nice bump to celebrate the milestone.

The two-time major winner claimed that Fuzzy Zoeller owed him $150,000 for reaching his 50th birthday.

According to USA Today, Daly and former Masters champion Zoeller made that bet during Masters week in Augusta a number of years ago. "I don’t know if he remembers that bet or not, but I’ll get that cash from him hopefully."

Daly claims that the now 64-year-old put the six-figure bet on with him over a steak. "Fuzzy said, 'I got 150 grand you’re never going to make it to 50.'"

When telling the story to reporters, Daly remembered the two men never shook hands on the bet, which makes it void in the 50-year-old's eyes. "I’ll just have him give me a free bottle of his vodka. That’s about it."