John Giles brands Man United's recent behaviour a "disgrace" in hard-hitting column

Leeds and Ireland legend pulled no punches

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Picture credit: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE

John Giles has branded Manchester United's behaviour in recent years a "disgrace".

Writing in his Evening Herald column, John was hugely critical of the club's handling of the hirings and sackings that have taken place at Old Trafford since Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

"Manchester United are a disgrace. I can think of no other word which does justice to the depth of feeling I have about the way this club has behaved in the last few years," he wrote.

John feels United "has acted without any class" in recent years and believes the fabled 'United Way' is a "nothing more than a pretence to hide behind".

Man United hired Jose Mourinho as manager today and John described him as having "the habits of a hooligan" when it comes to his behaviour.

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