John Giles highlights "damaging" effect of goal bonuses and similar incentives

Modern contracts include clauses and incentives based on individual performance marks

John Giles feels the principle of goal bonuses in footballers' contracts is not right.

Some recently leaked players' contracts showed the type of financial clauses and bonuses that they can receive if they fufill certain goal or clean sheets obligations.

Giles does not see them as a good thing for the game as he told Off The Ball.

"I think it's terrible, not so much for the payment to the players," he said.

"The principle of it I think is totally wrong. Everybody says this is a team game. Now, if you've been paid as an individual to do certain things, there has to be an influence on that player to say I won't pass it to him and knock it in the back of the net.

"This is the agent saying, 'a bit here, a bit there and a bit the other way' and I'm sorry to say, but the people dealing with it don't understand how damaging it can be to a team effect. They really don't because they're offering a bit here and a bit there, instead of saying to the player, 'there's €150,000 extra'. It doesn't look so good.

"This doesn't help the team. I think it's detrimental actually to the team that if you're in a position where you can pass it to somebody, course the money has to come into it. It's crazy stuff.

"It can't be good and it can't be healthy for the game. In my opinion as an ex-player, I would hate to be in a position where I was rewarded x amount for so many goals."