John Giles isn't in agreement with Graeme Souness' take on the "modern player"

John chats to Off The Ball about Arsenal defeat and Premier league talking points

Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey

Picture by: Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images

"Arsene Wenger must be tearing his hair out. There’s a word I want to use, but I can’t, which describes a lack of something real players have. And these Arsenal players lack it in abundance, they just don’t have it, none. That today was totally unacceptable."

That was Sky Sports pundit and Liverpool legend Graeme Souness' view of the Arsenal players after they lost to Manchester United on Sunday - and even before they fell flat again by losing to Swansea on Wednesday night.

But John Giles feels mostly focusing on the players is not the way to go as he told Off The Ball tonight.

"I'd have to criticise Graeme for his take on the modern day players. He's very, very critical of the modern day players and I'm not so sure. I think the modern day players are pretty much the same as the players in his day and my day. And teams in his day and my day, who blew trophies as well because they didn't go. Graeme was a great player in his day and had the great driving force as part of his game which made him a great player. It does actually derive from the manager," said John, who feels that Wenger is a "purist" when it comes to how he sees the game "and that's a fault he has as a manager".

John also feels it was a mistake not to sign successors the "warrior" type players that Wenger inherited 20 years ago.

"I don't think there's a real warrior among any of them," he added, and also feels that if Arsenal had the same attitude as Leicester City, they'd win the Premier League "by 10 points".