John Giles on why he prefers retro jerseys from the pre-shirt sponsor days

Leeds United legend chats to Off The Ball

BY Raf Diallo 19:51 Thursday 28 January 2016, 19:51 28 Jan 2016

John Giles with Leeds in 1969 (Picture by: Pa Photos / PA Archive/PA Images)

Shirt sponsors are something we take for granted these days, even if clubs looking for cash definitely don't take it for granted.

Ex-Northern Ireland star Derek Dougan was one of the pioneers when it came to introducing shirt sponsors to English football during his time at Kettering Town in the mid-70s, sparking a trend which is now the norm.

During his legendary time at Leeds United, John Giles did not play in a sponsored shirt and talking to Off The Ball about his knowledge of Dougan and his own view on jerseys from his own playing days to today, he gave his take on what made the shirts of old so special.

A close of John with the 1969-70 Leeds jersey (Picture by: Pa Photos / PA Archive/PA Images)

"I still don't think it looks good," said John of shirt sponsorship logos.

"I know they have to have it because it's worth a lot of money. But if you see the old jerseys, there's nothing better than clean jerseys, no advertising on it. 

"But at that time, they used to advertise the big jerseys but not on the shirts because the Football Association were totally against doing it until they got the money themselves. But Derek [Dougan] was always known as a rebel."

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