John Giles on why he sees some of himself in Santi Cazorla

Leeds legend speaks to Off The Ball about a player who sees the game the way he did

Santi Cazorla, John Giles, Leeds, Arsenal

Picture by: Adam Davy / PA Wire/Press Association Images & Pa Photos / PA Archive/PA Images

Back in the '60s and '70s, John Giles was one of the greatest midfielders in the English top flight.

But which current Premier League does the Leeds United legend think bears similarities to his own style?

One of Off The Ball's listeners sent that question into him and John picked an Arsenal and Spain playmaker.

"I think Cazorla at Arsenal would do most of the things I tried to do in that position," said John.

"Because it's a deep position in midfield where you have to get on the ball and get it from back to front. You're the connection between back and front. Also in a match which didn't happen at Liverpool last week when they were in a winning position and Cazorla wasn't playing, and they had nobody else to do it. 

"And I felt that if we were winning with Leeds 3-2, it was my job to get on the ball and the best way to keep the pressure the defence is to have the ball yourself and play it in a certain way. You have to see the game out, you have to read it, whereas at Arsenal on that night, they'd nobody doing it and I had a go at Ozil over it because he's the one with the talent to do that and he didn't do it. I think had Cazorla been playing, I think he would have done it - and Sanchez - but particularly Cazorla."