John Giles digests LVG's walk-out, updates his thoughts on Mourinho's next move and pays tribute to Damien Duff

The soccer pundit spoke to Ger Gilroy this evening

John Giles digests LVG's walk-out, updates his thoughts on Mourinho's next move and pays tribute to Damien Duff

Nigel French / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Soccer legend and pundit John Giles spoke to Ger Gilroy on Off The Ball this evening to discuss the eventful week of action that has passed.

After reminiscing on his happy days of playing football at Christmas, Giles and Gilroy progressed to the main development of the day in which current Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal brought today's press conference to an abrupt end. 

Remarking on Van Gaal's movements, Giles said he was surprised at how the Dutchman handled himself:

'He's a strange guy. He's been around long enough and he's a very experienced manager so he knows that when you have the results that he's had in recent times, you're gonna get the questions and you're gonna get the speculation. He keeps going to the facts that don't stand up in what he's trying to say.'

Giles went on to defend the media for probing Van Gaal about United's recent deterioration in form and argued that by not tolerating the inquiries, he is giving the United hierarchy motive to remove Van Gaal from the club.

'They are legitimate questions about their form and you have to answer them. I think he's bringing more pressure. Telling them to have a Happy Christmas is total nonsense for the journalists. Man United is used to winning trophies. Doing what he did with the press today was not the right move. He's making it easier for the Man United hierarchy to sack him, behaving the way he did. The more pressure on the manager, the more that there is on the players.''

This portion of the discussion, dovetailed off into a chat about the prospect of Jose Mourinho diverting to Old Trafford as a replacement for Van Gaal. Last week, Giles said he didn't think Mourinho was right for United. In light of today's events however, Giles re-evaluated his statements tonight with Ger.

'They didn't think so a few years ago. No-one has ever doubted his credentials but United are in a more difficult position than they were back then and although Mourinho's behaviour hasn't improved, the move is more likely now. They're in a desparate situation. They might take him on and put up with his behaviour. United have been beaten at home by Norwich and I think the likelihood is higher than it was two weeks ago. It's not like United to be in this position.

In a fitting conclusion to the conversation, Ger Gilroy asked John Giles to give his thoughts on Damien Duff, who retired from soccer earlier this week. Unsurprisingly, Giles spoke candidly about Duff's career.

'He's a terrific lad and he was a great servant for Ireland. He'd be one of my favourites by a long way. I think he's a down to earth kind of individual. When he retired from the Irish squad, he said he didn't want any fuss. I only met him for the first time a few months ago and he's a lovely lad. He's a credit to the game and himself.'

Giles still believes that Chelsea could claw back into the top four of the Premier League and go on to really contest the Champions League trophy.