John Giles remembers the time "gentleman" Frank O'Farrell scolded him for swearing on the pitch

John shares first hand anecdote about former Manchester United and Leicester manager on Off The Ball

Frank O'Farrell

Frank O'Farrell (Picture by: Barratts / S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport)

Leicester City are currently riding high in the race for the Premier League title but back in 1969 they came close to winning the FA Cup only to lose the final.

Frank O'Farrell was manager at the time, before a short-lived spell at Manchester United. Tonight on Off The Ball, John Giles remembered a "gentleman" and also recalled a first hand example of that positive character trait.

"He was a gentleman. I actually played against him. He played for Preston Reserves when I was playing in the Manchester United reserves and he pulled me over for swearing. He was very correct and he was an idol of mine, Frank," John recalled, adding that he felt "humiliated " but admitted that O'Farrell was "right" and "didn't swear for the rest of the match".

"He was a very decent individual and he had a good CV in the game. In many ways his image fitted Manchester United. He was a very gentlemanly type of fella and he was a very intelligent man and generally speaking he had done a good job."