John Giles has his say on Chelsea's baffling decision to bring back "terrible defender" David Luiz

"I can't believe it. Cannot believe it"

PSG, David Luiz

Paris Saint-Germain's David Luiz. Picture by: Adam Davy / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Like many observers, John Giles is baffled by Chelsea's decision to bring the talented but error-prone defender David Luiz back to Stamford Bridge.

And it's even more eyebrow-raising when you consider that the impressive and demading Antonio Conte is the manager.

"I can't believe it. Cannot believe it," John said on Off The Ball.

"I think [Antonio] Conte is really good, really good. And you can judge a lot of managers by who they sign. Now, I have a suspicion it's not his signing. I cannot see a manager that looks so good and had Italy prepared so well and done what he's done in the game to bring him back. I mean he's a walking disaster.

"He left Chelsea and shortly after playing in the World Cup for Brazil. He's a disaster. When Mourinho was there, he had to play him in midfield. He had to get him out of defence. He's a terrible defender."