Jon Jones' UFC title fight in danger over parole violation

The 28-year-old is due to be fighting Daniel Cormier next month

Jon Jones' UFC light-heavyweight title fight with Daniel Cormier may be in jeopardy after Jones handed himself into police on Tuesday in Texas.

The 29-year-old was expected to return to the octagon on April 23rd after more than 15 months away from the ring. Jones was stripped of his light-heavyweight title in April 2015 after he was involved in a hit-and-run incident which included a pregnant women.

Jones was found guilty of the incident and was charged with an 18-month probation period. Last week, Jones was charged with allegedly drag-racing in Albuquerque which was deemed a probation violation. On Tuesday, Jones handed himself into police over the incident.

His management team told that they are sure, the situation will be resolved ahead of the April fight date. "Jon and his team are taking this very seriously, and we will let the legal process play out. We are confident he will be released once he has an opportunity to explain to the judge the facts in this case."