WATCH: Jon Jones brands Conor McGregor's attitude as "foolish"

"When you believe the hype to that level, that's when you are in danger."

Jon Jones, UFC

Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

With UFC 200 fast approaching, the media circus rolls on and next Saturday's main event between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier for the light-heavyweight title is sure to be one of the bouts of the year.

Speaking ahead of the unification title fight, Jones was asked why he thinks he has remained unbeaten over the course of his UFC career.

"I know that I can be beat," he said, "I think that's why I haven't been beat. Some of these guys really believe their hype."

"Ronda Rousey, they said she could never be beat. Best athlete of all time. I was happy for her, to hear those sort of accolades, but once I realised that maybe she was starting to believe it herself. I knew she was in a dangerous spot.

"Conor McGregor saying these things about being the baddest dude and 'I'll beat anybody at any weight class', that's foolish stuff, you know.

"When you believe the hype to that level, that's when you are in danger."

Conor McGregor suffered his first UFC defeat against Nate Diaz in March but will get his shot at retribution this August at UFC 202.

He continued to explain that the fear of losing has driven him to greater heights in his UFC career.

"At the end of the day I'm just as nervous as any other fighter and causes me to stay up til 3am every night on my laptop watching the same damn fight over and over again.

"I sit there with a notebook thinking of all the ways I can lose and I think that's what I attribute being undefeated for all these years. I know how seriously I take and know how much I don't know."

You can watch Jones' full interview with the media below.

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