Jonathan Sexton hits back at commentators who have suggested he should retire due to head injuries

The Irish international has been in the headlines recently thanks to a number of injuries.

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Image: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Jonathan Sexton has hit back at the commentators who have suggested that he may be in serious trouble when it comes to the number of concussions he has suffered

In an interview with The Irish Times, Sexton spoke about how he had repeatedly been the focus of comments from a number of pundits who accused him of hiding a concussion. 

The outhalf said that "for some reason people are allowed to say that I’m concussed when I’m not. And it’s not even because of me. It’s people close to you, they’re the ones that really care and then they’re worrying, 'Maybe he actually is hiding something?'".

He stated that the commentary aimed against him was ill-informed and agenda-driven, he did admit that he does care what people think of him, in particular when they're commenting on his health rather than his game. 

"Could you imagine," asked Sexton, "that if every press conference I did I mentioned someone in the media and it’s terrible that he’s got a serious illness, like Alzheimer’s or dementia, and persistently, persistently said it? I’d be in the High Court". 

Speaking about the 12 weeks out of the game that he took in France after suffering a number of head injuries, he said that was purely a precaution: "I had mild, mild symptoms, and I could very easily have played on, but it was the best thing I ever did in that regard, and I haven’t had any trouble since, and that’s the bottom line". 

Sexton underlined that he did not suffer a concussion in action for Leinster against Wasps, and was nursing a neck injury rather than a head injury against Wales. He added that he also did not suffer a concussion against France. 

However, should he be in the firing line again today after England head coach Eddie Jones stated they may well look to target him, there is sure to be increased speculation once again.

Via The Irish Times