Jose Aldo accepts that McGregor won with a perfectly thrown punch on Brazilian TV

The Brazilian spoke to a television reporter in his home country on the back of his first defeat in ten years

Jose Aldo was knocked out by Conor McGregor after 13 seconds of the biggest headline fight in the history of the UFC. Videos and photos have been circulating since the Brazilian hit the mat of a dejected and broken former champion.

In an interview with a Brazilian TV channel (in Portuguese), Aldo, who is known for his mental fortitude, speaks about getting back in the ring and his defeat to McGregor. 

Asked if he will be looking for a rematch, he said, "Of course, if god wills it, now, firstly I want to get back to gym and come back stronger. And of course, a rematch. I think every champion, after losing, and especially the way I lost - no excuses, I lost, he connected with a good strike and was successful - but, of course, I want a rematch. If god wills it, we will come back a lot stronger, and we will bounce back."

He also said, "Of course, we are sad, for all that happened, but dude, it's a matter of getting over it. It has passed. This is a sport, it's part of it, winning and losing. We've been victorious many times, and now we lost. That's ok. I already accepted it. Now I'll go back to the gym, train harder and bounce back."

The build-up to the fight, which lasted almost a year due to the fact that Aldo pulled out of the initial bout in July of this year with a rib injury, has left even the most passive UFC fans fatigued. The media frenzy that ensued has focused on the new featherweight champion McGregor but to hear Aldo speaking about the fight is refreshing as it is territory previously untouched by the English-speaking world.