Jose Aldo claims that he had a spy in Frankie Edgar's training camp

The Brazilian beat Edgar at UFC 200, but states that he had some help along the way

Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar

Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Jose Aldo won the interim featherweight title at UFC 200 with a victory over Frankie Edgar, and will now be looking forward to his chance to get a shot at Conor McGregor again.

The Brazilian stated that he's looking for revenge on the Dubliner, and that he doesn't care where and when he gets it. 

While that statement might not have worried McGregor given how quickly their first fight ended, Aldo's latest claims may have the Irish fighter looking around his camp a bit more carefully.

According to MMA Fighting, Aldo spoke at a media day back in Brazil on Wednesday and stated that he had a number of people in Edgar's camp ahead of their bout who helped him plan for their fight. 

"We had a few spies from the other side," said Aldo, "people that were training close to him the entire week, and they always came and talked to us. So I had to stop kicking and [using] my left hand, because he would counter on that."

Aldo also said that this wasn't the first time this had happened either, stating his camp often send people to gather as much information as they can on their opposition.

"We always have a spy. We send someone to be a part of that training [room] and then they give us information. We get that information and know what they are training."

"We always have Brazilians in the other corners," he added. "When I go train in the first day, I also see the list of cornermen. And, if there’s a Brazilian, we go after him and ask him to take a look, because that helps a lot."

Unsurprisingly, Aldo didn't state who it was that gave them the information that they needed, but Frankie Edgar responded to the claims by sharing a short scene from the movie The Departed on his Instagram. 


Haha I got this gnawing teething fucking rat! #HoeAssMove

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For his part, Edgar's coach Mark Henry also stated that spy or not, he feels that he should have been able to help his fighter out. Stating that he normally re-watches fights after they're over, he said "I won't watch it [again] unless Frankie fights him again. I just messed up. I failed Frankie. That is my honest opinion."

Something tells us this isn't going to end here...

Via MMA Fighting