Jose Aldo is convinced that his punch would have finished Conor McGregor if it connected properly

The former UFC champion revealed his theory to the media earlier in the week

Jose Aldo is convinced that his punch would have finished Conor McGregor if it connected properly

John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Still reeling from the shock of losing his UFC Featherweight title to Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo remains convinced that he was robbed of a proper fight.

Aldo waited for almost a year to do battle with McGregor at UFC 194 after the original date was pushed back due to injury.

It took just 13 seconds for the Dublin born fighter to quench the anticipation with a left hook that sent Aldo stumbling to the canvas in Las Vegas but the former UFC champion is not ready to accept that the fight is over.

Aldo believes that the power of his own counter punch would have reduced McGregor to the same fate had he connected properly, leading him to believe that it was not a ''proper'' fight.

Speaking to the media this week, Aldo said:

''The fight was one punch only. My punch barely hit but it cut him. Imagine if it connected completely, it would have ripped his head off. But he had the merit to connect a good punch and end the fight.''

In the wake of McGregor's win, MMA pundits suggested that Aldo was spooked by his opponent's pre-fight theatrics and even criticised Aldo for launching his attack too early.

Responding to those comments, Aldo justified the urgency in his approach by referencing his eight second KO over Cub Swanson in 2009 before going on to defend his decision to use traditional fighting tactics at UFC 194.

''I went to do something traditional in a fight between a right-handed and a southpaw. I threw a hand in his chest and a cross on top. He had done two attacks before and I went for a normal attack. He had the merit to land a good punch, but I didn’t rush anything or was angry.”

“Everybody said I was too angry. Angry about what? I’m always cool in there. I go in there to do what I trained – I trained that. I threw a hand in his chest and then a cross. I threw a boxing combination, which is normal for those who understand about fighting. He managed to get out and connect a good punch that caught me off base and finished the fight.