Jose Aldo's coach cannot see Conor McGregor lasting three rounds

Aldo and McGregor fight this weekend in Las Vegas

Jose Aldo's Muay Thai coach does not expect his title fight with Conor McGregor to last longer than three rounds. 

Pedro Rizzo told UFC's Embedded series "I dont expect five rounds for this fight. I expect no more than three rounds". 

"If you watch all of McGregor's fights, he ends up controlling the fight and dictating the pace. This is going to be a fight he will have no control of. He's going to get into a world that he doesn't know yet, with a guy pressurising him and beating him up."

The Dubliner has only fought in one title fight which was over inside two rounds. All UFC title fights can last a maximum of five rounds. Six of Aldo's last nine fights have gone the distance, and Rizzo thinks that may be crucial. "McGregor has never fought, five rounds, only three. Aldo is going to put on a show and win. There will be nothing left to say. Aldo is going to control this fight and knock him out."

The fight takes place in the early hours of Sunday morning in Las Vegas.