Jose Mourinho hits out at fixture schedule

Arsenal beat Man United 2-0 on Sunday

Jose Mourinho hits out at fixture schedule

Picture by: Adam Davy/PA Wire/PA Images

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has criticised the fixture list as the season draws to a close.

The Red Devils play Spurs, Southampton and Crystal Palace and have the possibility of a Europa League final should they progress past Celta Vigo in the coming weeks. 

Speaking to Off the Ball's Dave McIntyre after their 2-0 loss to Arsenal on Sunday, the United manager said: "I think we shouldn't play two days before against Southampton. One thing is the game on Sunday, the other thing is accumulation.

"Accumulation is the problem. The problem is not to play once a match two days before. That's not a problem. A problem is that we played since the last two months, we play every week - three matchs a week. 

"And in the last week of the Premier League, we play Tottenham away, Southampton away, Crystal Palace at home. In seven days, three matches and then we are gong to play the final  - if, if, I always say if to protect a situation. 

"Lyon or Ajax, they finish the league. So the problem is the accumulation and not to play two matches before. 

"You ask me, do I think the match should be played on Sunday if Crystal Palace is involved in relegation battle - of course I think the game has to be played at the same time as the other competitors. The prolem is the accumulation.

"And again I say if, if we play the final will be game number 17 in two months - April and May, game number 17," he added.  

Mourinho's side play Celta Vigo in the second leg of their Europa League semi-final this Thursday.