Jose Mourinho wants help with fixture schedule

The United manager wants more to be done for English clubs competing in Europe.

BY Sinéad Farrell 11:43 Saturday 18 March 2017, 11:43 18 Mar 2017

Martin Rickett/PA Wire/PA Images

Jose Mourinho has once again expressed his frustration at the fixture congestion that Manchester United are facing, and believes that the Premier League should be doing more to help clubs in European tournaments.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Mourinho pointed out that his side have played 11 matches in the last six weeks and said that the current fixture structures will give an advantage to clubs who are participating in the domestic competitions only. 

He also accused the Premier League of not caring about English clubs competing in Europe.

"It's going to get easier for the other five teams because before it was only Chelsea and Liverpool and now Arsenal, Tottenham and City are also out."

"I don't understand how we don't have any help in relation to European football. I've said this for many years."

"I think they don't give an Sh*t about the English teams in Europe. They simply don't care. [In] every [other] country they try to help."

"Without them and their money, the Premier League wouldn't be the Premier League - the clubs wouldn't be so rich."

Image: Paul Pogba coming off against Rostov FC during the week due to injury.

"Yes, we have to tell them 'thank you so much for the Premier League you are building'. But I think you can do that and have a little finger, a little touch."

United qualified for the Europa League quarter-finals during the week and will face Middlesbrough this Sunday afternoon in the Premier League.

Mourinho believes they should have a longer break between the fixtures, and reiterated his frustration at United's situation.

"We should be the last team to play in the weekend. We should play Monday. Or we should play Sunday the last match - not 12 o'clock."

"If they are happy that we have one English club in the Europa League and one English club in the Champions League: wow."


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