Juan Mata admits that footballers earn an obscene amount of money

The Manchester United player was being interviewed for Spanish television

Manchester United footballer Juan Mata has admitted that the amount of money earned by footballers is "obsecene". 

In an interview with the TV show Salvados for the channel La Sexta, Mata stated that "football is very well remunerated at this level. It’s like we live in a bubble. Compared to the rest of society, we earn a ridiculous amount. It’s unfathomable."

"With respect to the world of football, I earn a normal wage," added Mata, "but compared to 99.9% of Spain and the rest of the world, I earn a silly amount."

Mata also stated that the effects of such huge wagers were noticeable, particularly in the younger players, as "you see kids who think they’re rock stars; wearing extravagant clothes and driving flash cars … sometimes you have to take them aside and have a word."

The Spanish international admitted that he would be happy for his pay to be reduced, however, if it meant that there was less involvement from big business in the sport that he loves. 

"I’d take a pay cut if there was less business involvement in the sport. At this level, we’re very well paid and sometimes you start thinking there isn’t much of a difference between x and x+3."

It wasn't all business and wages for the Manchester United star during the interview though, as he also talked about how former QPR and Real Madrid player Esteban Granero got him into the habit of reading literature. 

The two shared books they enjoyed, and he stated that now he and Ander Herrera would do the same in the Manchester United dressing room. 

Mata quotes a few lines from the poem 'Bluebird' by Charles Bukowski in the interview, and stated that he likes reading Paul Auster and Haruki Murakami. 

Via La Sexta, The Guardian