Jurgen Klopp refuses to answer question from The Sun journalist

Despite the win over Barcelona, Klopp was in no mood to entertain The Sun's employees question

Jurgen Klopp refused to answer a question from a journalist employed by The Sun after his sides emphatic victory over Barcelona in the Champions Cup.

The Liverpool manager was ambiguous in his reasoning for not wanting to answer the question but did hint at his place of employment being the reason.

 “I don’t talk with The Sun anymore. I don’t speak with The Sun anymore. You can listen," he said

“It’s not because I’m with Liverpool now. It’s because of a few things that will happen in the next few days or few weeks, I don’t know.

“It’s not personal. You’re still working for The Sun, right? That’s it. You can listen and you can write what you want.”

The Sun have been widely ignored in and around Anfield for their coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster when they ran a cover story that read "The Truth" after the tragic day, insinuating that it was Liverpool fans who had been at fault for the crush that took the lives of 96 football fans.