Juventus put Gonzalo Higuain on strict diet to shed some weight

The former Napoli striker came back for preseason carrying a little holiday weight

Gonzalo Higuian reported back for duty with Juventus a little heavier than the top brass at the club might have liked.

Having spent €90 million on the player, they expected him to be fit and ready for action but that does not appear to be the case after photos appeared online that came with extra scrutiny on an already scrutinised deal.

Juventus have reportedly put their newest superstar on a strict diet in an effort to ensure he reduces his waistline and is ready for action when the reigning Serie A winners try to regain their title when the season kicks off next weekend.

Former Real Madrid and Barcelona player Robert Prosinecki also weighed in upon seeing pictures of the new signing, saying, “I was shocked to see Higuain, he is even more fat than me.

“They paid 94 million [sic] for him and he’s arrived as a ‘little pig’!”