Katie Taylor: “I’d be a very gentle person outside the ring but inside the ring I’d try to knock you out”

She is due to make her professional debut at the end of the month

BY Simon Maguire 11:20 Saturday 19 November 2016, 11:20 19 Nov 2016

Katie Taylor is due to make her professional debut at the end of the month and she has every intention of becoming a world champion.

Speaking on "The Late Late Show" last night she said: "I have big dreams and hopes to become a world champion".

Taylor almost single-handedly dragged women's boxing into the Olympic games and the five-time world champion intends on making similar waves in the professional ranks.

“I’d love to take women’s professional boxing to the next level. I have got big dreams, I’d love to be headlining shows and winning plenty of world titles."

“People don’t really know anything about it and I feel like I’ve broken down a lot of barriers in the amateur game and I’d love to do the same in the pro game."

“You look at the likes of Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm and they are headlining shows in the UFC and I’d love to bring the same thing into professional boxing,” she added. 

Former world boxing champion Holly Holm became the first fighter ever to win world titles in boxing and in the UFC. 

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