"Kee-oh" and "Key-ran" - UEFA help fans pronouncing names ahead of Euro 2016

Some names will cause a few tongue-twisters in the coming weeks

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Richard Keogh and Ciaran Clark Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

The expansion to 24 teams, has meant that many lesser known players will feature this summer at Euro 2016.

While most fans will know Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta, what about some of the playera from Iceland, Albania or Hungary?

UEFA have released a list of players names from all 24 nations that will be taking part in the tournament in France, a to Irish player have made the list. Seeminigly Richard Kee-oh and Key-ran Clark's names are tricky from commentators and fans alike.

Three of the Northern Ireland team have also featured in the list. Gareth Mick-kaw-lee, Luke Mick-kulla and Conor Mick-lock-lin will all hope to impress this summer.

Here are five players to watch out for, with the UEFA pronunciation of their names:

Albania: Ledjan Memushaj – Led-yan Me-moo-shay

Hungary: Gergö Lovrencsics – Ger-gur Lov-ren-chitch

Iceland: Haukur Heidar Hauksson – How-koor Hey-thar Howk-son

Poland: Krzysztof Maczynski – K-shish-toff Mon-chin-ski

Romania: Ciprian Tâtârusanu – Chip-ree-an Ta-ta-roo-sha-noo

Turkey: Oguzhan Özyakup – O-hoo-zhan Erz-ya-kup