Kenny Shiels on Stephen Kenny: "He'd never bring in a youth player from another club that he thinks he could develop"

The Derry City manager talked about his development philosophy at Derry City

BY Simon Maguire 22:05 Tuesday 13 March 2018, 22:05 13 Mar 2018

Derry manager Kenny Shiels. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Derry City manager Kenny Shiels joined Tuesday's Off the Ball to reflect on the opening few weeks of the League of Ireland. 

Shiels was keen to talk about how his development strategy at the club differs from the rest and speaking to Nathan, he said: "None of the other teams seem to be doing it to the extreme that we are. I don't know why that is - it's just unfortunate. I think the attraction for young players to come to Derry is probably because I'm here and my record in youth development and player development but more importantly it's because they see it as a stepping stone to England or Scotland. 

"They don't see that with the other clubs as much. If you look at James McClean and Daniel Rafferty and Niall McGinn and the history of our club. We're a small parish but Derry, in comparison to Dublin and Cork, it's fantastic what they've turned out over the years in Derry City. 

"So that's appealing to a young nineteen year old coming back from they see it as a good appeal for them. 

"Whereas the other clubs they go and bring in 'ready-made' - if you look at Stephen Kenny every season - he's bringing in 'ready-made' - he'd never bring in a youth player from another club that he thinks he could develop that player. 

"Everybody has got their own skillset and Stephen can bring in players that are ready to go and challenge for the top trophies. 

"It's just a different psyche and a different philosophy for his club," he added. 


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