Kevin Kilbane: Wenger uncertainty casts shadow as Man United visit Arsenal

Off The Ball will be at the Emirates for the clash against Man United on Sunday

Kevin Kilbane: Wenger uncertainty casts shadow as Man United visit Arsenal

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Sunday sees the battle for the Premier League's Top Four intensify again as Manchester United make the trip to Arsenal.

There is still a lot of scrutiny around the plans of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. I would've liked to have the clarity regarding his future a lot sooner.

We're still in the dark as to what's going to happen with him. Wenger would be mistaken to think that the uncertainty isn't affecting personnel at the club and supporters. It's affecting everyone.

Some issues have also arisen regarding the potential of appointing a director of football and additional coaches coming in to assist.

Wenger has had such a tight grip of that club for such a long time that it's always been his way. So I don't think he could change his management style. I don't think he can change the way that he runs that club.

I think something would have to give. If the club were to insist on different measures going forward, I think Wenger would walk.

Previously, David Dein had played a similar role to a director of football for Wenger, prior to his departure from Arsenal in 2007. He assisted in the transfers and would have done a lot of the ground work when Wenger would have been on the training ground concentrating on the team itself and I think Wenger has lost out on a lot by not having a figure he trusts like Dein there with him.

But if Wenger were to stay beyond the end of this season and he were to stay within the constraints of what the club are potentially going to put to him, the director of football would have to be someone he trusted.

Overall though, I still believe Wenger has done really good things for English football and of course for Arsenal.

But I do think that feeling of negativity towards him has ultimately got too much now and although I'm reluctant to say he should go, I think there should be some sort of amicable agreement and it does feel to me that he is at the end of his time with Arsenal.

Off The Ball will be at the Emirates for the match, with Kenny Cunningham and Dave McIntyre on commentary, and Nathan Murphy and I will be Anfield for Liverpool against Southampton. 

Man United are going to be under serious pressure in the race for the Top Four if Liverpool win their game.

As for Arsenal, it looks like they are going to finish outside the Top Four and if they don't beat United, that prospect becomes even more distant.