Kevin Kilbane on Dennis Bergkamp: He'd always leave a bit on you

The former Irish international reflected on Arsenal's physicality

Kevin Kilbane on Dennis Bergkamp: He'd always leave a bit on you

Picture by: Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport

The Off the Ball team addressed the "good-big-player versus good-small-player" debate on Tuesday's newsround after Matic's transfer to Manchester United earlier this week. 

Former Ireland international Kevin Kilbane recalled playing against a very skillful yet physical Arsenal team which included Patrick Viera, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp. 

"Pires, Bergkamp, I'm going back to Sol Campbell - huge, huge lads. That ten year spell leading into that 'invincibles' side, they were huge.

"Pires was so good but he was dirty, so was Bergkamp - technically brilliant but they could handle themselves. Pires used to leave a little bit on you - wait for lads to go in and make that initial challenge and hang is foot in there and leave a bit on you. But, he was that strong physically, that was the thing with Pires...really strong.

"Bergkamp was 6'2/6'3, Henry - all these lads, were well over 6 feet tall, Viera - 6'4...the eye-catching thing with Bergkamp when I first went up against him was the size of his chest, massive chest, massive shoulders. He was a specimen, incredible. It was incredible how strong and how imposing he looked...and would leave a bit on you."