Kevin Walsh: Perception of my Galway team is wrong

Kevin spoke to Joe about the Galway-Mayo rivalry, team discipline, Paddy Tally and targets for 2018

BY Ciaran Bradley 21:05 Wednesday 14 February 2018, 21:05 14 Feb 2018

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Galway coach Kevin Walsh believes that external opinions on his Galway team are often wrong, and  serve to motivate his team to be the best that they can be.

Speaking to Joe on Off The Ball, Walsh was frank in his assessments of the Tribe’s chances this year, and happy that the rivalry with Mayo is alive and well. He also elaborated on the confrontation between the two at Pearse Stadium on Sunday.

“That’s where [the rivalry] should be. Going back on our own playing days, there’s no bigger game than Mayo and Galway. It’s full of passion and all the good things about sport.

 “As regards someone going in with fisticuffs or boots, that certainly wasn’t in my view – I still didn’t see how it started, but you’re going to have passions running high in a derby game, and everyone looking to earn a jersey.”

If there are any concerns over the discipline of the Galway players, they are certainly not shared by Walsh.

“Discipline is really, really high on our agenda. We review video all the time, every single week, and if something comes up that jeopardises the team or isn’t right, it is highlighted there and dealt with.”

The coverage of Sunday’s coming together would seem to fall into Walsh’s overriding feeling that outside views of his team often does not reflect reality, and that the coaching team try to use it to drive on players.

“The pen is mightier than the sword – people can reflect on whichever way they want, and people can reflect on it with agendas as well. We don’t look too much to the outside, even though [perception] can then become reality... [Criticism] happens with every team. You’re out there to be looked at; what you’re trying to do is to achieve.”

Kevin is hopeful for his side’s chances of a successful 2018, with the approach that targets both the Sam Maguire, but also domestic concerns.

“The Championship is the main [focus], the big one and we’ll be ready for that [...] but we also have to look at the bigger picture that we are looking to achieve, and that is to hold our Division 1 status.”

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