Kimbo Slice failed drug test after "worst fight" ever at Bellator 149

Both Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock failed drug tests after the event

Kimbo Slice failed a drug test at Bellator 149 following what was described as the worst fight ever against Dada 5000 in Houston, Texas in February. Ken Shamrock also failed a drug test on the same bill.

The reports suggest that both men have been "administratively suspended by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) pending an adjudication process."

Both Slice and Shamrock tested positive for the same drug but the name of the drug has not been disclosed due to the potential legal ramifications. 

Dada 5000 suffered a cardiac arrest following the bout that Slice won in the third round by TKO but the result has been overturned following the failed drug tests.

The failed drug tests will not do Bellator any good in their battle to catch up with UFC's domination of the sport but the event in which the two fighters failed drugs tests was the highest rated in the company's history with 1.9 million average viewers tuning in to see 42-year-old Slice and 52-year-old Shamrock fight their opponents and Father Time in the octagon.