LISTEN: Pain turns to relief for Dublin

Sinead Finnegan and Sinead Goldrick joined us from the Dublin celebrations

BY Joseph Conroy 20:55 Monday 25 September 2017, 20:55 25 Sep 2017


When asked what it felt like to win the All Ireland Yesterday after a series of final defeats, Sinead Finnegan told Off The Ball that "relief" was the first-word which came to mind.

Sinead Goldrick added that the feeling in the changing room was beyond words:

"For us to get over the line today is a feeling that I'll never forget ... Not many people were talking, we were just hugging each other because words couldn’t really describe that feeling in there. It was just incredible," she reflected.

Sinead hopes that yesterday's display in front of more than 46,000 spectators - a record for a women's sporting event in Europe - will offer "motivation" to the young people who were at the match.

The pair both spent time marking Mayo legend Cora Staunton who scored seven points from the 16 shots she took yesterday. While they prepared to defend against her, Finnegan noted that she was seen as, "Just one of their 15" as Mayo had plenty of other forwards who also required their attention.

Dublin's gameplan focused on creating space to use their pace to attack Mayo. It was a close affair until the final moments when late scored put a shine on the scoreline, as Dublin won by 4-11 to 11 points.

Goldrick believes that staying "in the moment” and doing simple things right got them the result.

Here's the full chat:


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