Latest claim suggests Mourinho will succeed Van Gaal... but not until 2017

But journalist Duncan Castles says Mourinho is not interested in waiting that long

Every day brings new claims about who is going to be Manchester United's next manager.

Sometimes it's Jose Mourinho being lined up in the summer, other times it's Ryan Giggs being the preferred options and increasingly there is talk of Louis van Gaal staying on for a third year in charge.

Football journalist Duncan Castles suggests a mixture of two of those possibilities is the case.

The Sunday Times, Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated contributor has tweeted his claim that Man United have asked Mourinho to replace Van Gaal as manager - but not until the summer of 2017.

However, Castles also states that Mourinho is not enamoured by the idea of waiting so long to take over at Old Trafford.