Lights, Camera, Action? Jose Aldo's biopic misses release date following McGregor knockout

"Stronger than the world: The story of Jose Aldo" was set to be released January 14

Jose Aldo had his 10-year reign as UFC Featherweight champion ended rather abruptly following his 13-second bout with Conor McGregor in December and now his biopic has suffered similar setbacks.

"Stronger than the world: The story of Jose Aldo" was set to premiere January 14 in Brazil to chart the rise of one of the country's most loved athletes.

The movie's producers have decided to postpone its screening after his defeat at UFC 194 last year.

Malvino Salvador, a soap actor who will play Aldo in the film, began in his role after filming started under the stewardship of director Afonso Poyart last Spring.

McGregor [or an on-screen representation] is not said to be in the movie. It instead focuses on Aldo's rise through the ranks, including WEC and UFC bouts.

With the delay in the release, one may speculate that the bout may be included or that a re-shoot will go ahead following recent events.

"Ask any of the poor people from the slums of Rio if they recognize him as an idol, an example. They think "He came from nowhere and reached his dream so I can do the same'." coach Andre Pederneira told Sherdog when asked about the impact the former Featherweight champion has on the people of Brazil.