Manchester United's Luke Shaw opens up about the sheer pain of the leg break he suffered

Left-back has returned from that injury

BY Raf Diallo 19:08 Friday 26 August 2016, 19:08 26 Aug 2016

Picture by: Peter Dejong / AP/Press Association Images

Almost a year ago, Luke Shaw's progress at Manchester United was quickly halted after a horrible leg break in a Champions League match against PSV Eindhoven.

The left-back has returned to action in time for Jose Mourinho's new era.

But in an interview with The Guardian, he looked back on that dark period in his career.

"I can remember, on the night, Memphis [Depay] turning his head away because he didn’t want to look," he tells Daniel Taylor.

"I was in shock, to be honest. The pain came later. I was just so upset because I knew I was going to be out for so long. You might have seen the picture where I had a tear coming down my face. They took me back to the dressing room and it was weird because at the start it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would have. I remember getting my phone, texting my mum and tweeting everyone. It sounds mad, I know, but my leg was broken and I didn’t know what to do. I thought: 'I’ve got to do something'.

"Then, that night, lying in hospital, I swear to God the pain was something else. Oh God, the worst you could ever imagine. My mum was next to me and I remember saying to her: ‘They have to do something because I actually can’t keep going with this amount of pain.’ They had to open up my leg to pull out all the clotted-up blood. They put me to sleep, but it didn’t stop the pain when I woke up again."

Read the full interview right here.

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