Marc Wilson missed the Euros in 2012 due to being on holiday in Barbados

The Stoke City man said he was offered a late call up to the squad

Marc Wilson missed the Euros in 2012 due to being on holiday in Barbados

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Marc Wilson is in contention to appear in his first major international tournament at this Summer's European Championships, but its been revealed he had the opportunity to travel to the same competition four years ago.  

The Stoke City defender has been an Irish regular for a couple of seasons now, but four years ago he largely floated around on the periphery of Giovanni Trapattoni's Irish set-up as they qualified for Poland-Ukraine 2012.

However, following a dispute between the Italian coach and a member of his original 23 man squad, Kevin Foley, Wilson was offered the chance to join up with the Irish team as emergency cover, but he declined due to fitness concerns and being on holiday in Barbados.

“It was a strange one. I actually did get called into the squad, late doors for whatever reason,” Wilson told the Sunday Times.

“The team were already at their training camp in Italy. I just said; ‘Listen, I have been off for a few weeks and I don’t think it’s possible or beneficial to come back in and train and be ready for the Euros. It’s not the right decision for me or the team.’ It was just left at that. I hadn’t been training, I was sitting on the beach in Barbados with my wife.”

Scotland’s Steven Fletcher and Marc Wilson of Ireland
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Wilson went on to say that it wasn't even Trapattoni who called him, but rather one of his 'flunkies' who made contact. 

“Maybe if he had called me up himself, who knows? But I still don’t think I would have been of benefit to the team.”

The county Antrim native vehemently defended his corner in the article, putting to bed any rumours about his commitment to the cause. 

“I came in as a young kid and all I wanted to do was progress and play as many games for Ireland as I could.

"There was a lot of hype and a lot of misinterpretation over things that were said and published. I would read that I didn’t want to go on such and such a trip. If somebody hasn’t called you up to come on the trip in the first place, then you aren’t going to go, are you?

“Then you had other players who were backing Trap, saying such and such a player doesn’t want to turn up and play for his country. I can tell you that with me that is bollocks. Any time I have been half-fit I’ve been there.”