Marcus Mariota shows he can fill in as a pretty handy wide receiver

The Tennessee Titans quarterback is a versatile offensive weapon

Marcus Mariota, NFL, Tennessee Titans,

Image: Julie Jacobson / AP/Press Association Images

The Tennessee Titans pulled a trick play out of the bag on Sunday night against the Jets that worked to perfection.

In the third quarter, on the wrong end of a 27-0 scoreline, the Titans decided to try something new as quarterback Marcus Mariota lined up at wide receiver. 

They had nothing to lose at that point in the game, but they couldn't have predicted just how well the play ended up working, as Mariota beat his man at cornerback and waltzed into the endzone completely untouched to get his team off the mark. 

It had little effect on the outcome of the game, however, as the Titans lost 30-8.

Via Bleacher Report