Marie Crowe on Jason Sherlock: "I think of somebody who was just a remarkable sportsperson"

The former Dublin footballer admits he associated himself with failure

BY Simon Maguire 17:25 Sunday 22 October 2017, 17:25 22 Oct 2017

Jason Sherlock. Image: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Marie Crowe and Dan McDonnell were the guests for The Sunday Paper Review on Off the Ball this week. 

Paul Kimmage spoke to former Dublin footballer, Jason Sherlock, in the Sunday Independent ahead of the release of his new book and speaking to Joe Molloy, Marie Crowe said: "The first thing that got me about this piece was the picture - it's in 'black and white' so I did have to figure out when it was taken.

"And, I was really curious as to when and where it was taken so I actually gave the photographer a ring.

"And, it's in Finglas. He is sitting on the fence and that's the green that he used to play on that's behind him where he first kicked a football. He was very anxious to do it in Finglas because he's so proud of where he's from and then the horse and cart just happened to be going past so, I had to ask him 'did you get him to stage it? Did you get him to go up and down a few times?' And they did but that was the first picture they took so that was just the chance photograph and it really, kind of, draws you in. 

Jason Sherlock of Dublin scores the only goal in the 2006 Leinster final. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

"The thing I loved about this was I learned so many new things about Jason Sherlock because he says himself in it that he's always been very paranoid and very guarded and that came across through his whole career so I think you got very few insights into 'Jason Sherlock, the person' and I found with this - you get so many of them. 

"We learned so much about him, like the fact that his father had passed away in '95 and that he was murdered in a burglary in South Africa and I don't know if anybody knew that. He has a half brother and sister - he had an opportunity to meet them, he decided against it.

"What I really found interesting as well was the fact that he thought so much about failure and associated failure with himself. Ok, he won one All-Ireland but he was always chasing the next but when I think of Jason Sherlock - I don't think of failure, I think of somebody who was just a remarkable sportsperson," she added. 

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