WATCH: A one-handed Mark Williams hits the "shot of the decade"

The Welsh star is competing in the China Open in Beijing

WATCH: A one-handed Mark Williams hits the "shot of the decade"

Picture by: Xinhua/SIPA USA/PA Images

The China Open is the last tournament to be played before next month's World Championship.

With just over two weeks to go until the Sheffield event begins, Mark Williams played what he called "one of the best shots I have EVER played" against Shaun Murphy.

In their quarter-final match, Williams a two-time World champion spent just over 90 seconds over a shot, before deciding to play it one-handed. One-handed!

Players like Ronnie O'Sullivan regularly swap hands when playing, but to see a player taking a shot one-handed is almost unique. Williams' cue was resting on the cushion, which made the shot easier, but it still takes nothing away from what he called the "shot of the decade".

The Welsh veteran played the cue-ball off the cushion, before potting one of the four remaining reds. If potting the red was impressive enough, Williams' cue-ball went off three further cushions before landing perfectly to pot the following brown.

No wonder he called it the "shot of the decade".