Martin O'Neill apologies for 'queers' remark at the Cork Opera House

The Republic of Ireland manager made the comment during a radio interview last week

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has apologised for his use of the word "queers" during a radio interview last week.

O'Neill was speaking to Matt Cooper on Today FM's "The Last Word" programme in the Cork Opera house about his trip to the Superbowl with assistant manager Roy Keane earlier this year.

"Yes I was going to address this, if I have made inappropriate comments in the Opera House in Cork on Wednesday evening," O'Neill said.

"I obviously apologise for it and I will attempt for the rest of my time here not to make such inappropriate comments.

Martin O'Neill speaking at Monday's press conference. Image:  

The 64-year-old made the point that two of the national team’s coaches, Steve Guppy and Steve Walford, had also travelled and said he did not want people to think he and Keane were "queers".

O'Neill's remark came in for criticism from many and the Ireland manager took today's press conference as an opportunity to apologise.