Martin O'Neill knows "at least three players" won't take penalties in the event of a shootout

They haven't been hitting the target too often apparently in training

Martin O'Neill, Ireland,

Manager Martin O'Neill ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Martin O'Neill says he knows at least three Ireland players who will not take penalties if Sunday's Euro 2016 clash against France goes to a shootout.

In the event that the last-16 clash goes beyond extra-time, five players will be put forward - or put themselves forward to take the Irish spot kicks.

However, if it goes to sudden death, all available players who finished the game, including the goalkeeper, will have to take a penalty. 

But O'Neill did not name the three players he was referring to.

"If we do get to penalties there are at least three players, I know, who won't take them... [laughter] who haven't been able to hit the target too often. I will not name them, but if they don't come in to the first eleven, you'll have a fair idea yourself," he said.