Mattie Forde: The long break could be a blessing for Wexford

The footballers haven't played since losing to Carlow in May

Mattie Forde: The long break could be a blessing for Wexford

Mattie Forde. Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Former Wexford football star Mattie Ford believes the long break between the loss to Carlow in the Leinster Championship and their next match against Limerick will work in their favour.

Having been beaten by Westmeath in the Division 4 league final followed by the loss to Carlow in the provincial championship, Forde thinks the player have now put those disappointments behind them as the All-Ireland qualifiers approach. 

Speaking to Shane Stapleton and Oisin Langan on Off the Ball's GAA Podcast, he said: "I know if the Limerick game had of been a week or probably two weeks after the Carlow game - it definitely would have been a no-go. I think spirits were very, very low at that stage but I think things have picked up since in fairness.

"It's still not going to make it any easier but I think they're probably in a better position now than they were two or three weeks ago. Usually I think a lot of teams and players are cursing the long break between losing in the provincial championship and playing the qualifiers, but we'll only know on Saturday, but this could be a blessing for Wexford having that bit longer.

"I think a lot of lads went back to play for their clubs to get it out of the system and they've had a couple of good weeks since. But, I suppose, all will be told at the weekend," he added.  

Forde goes on to discuss the current challenges within Wexford football and he also gives his take on the Diarmuid Connolly situation.

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