"Maybe he was drinking a little bit" - Daniel Cormier responds to Donald Cerrone's homophobic slur

Cerrone said: "How you gonna give up weight and then fight like a f*g, man?"

BY Cian Roche 15:14 Tuesday 12 July 2016, 15:14 12 Jul 2016

Image: The MMA Hour

Daniel Cormier has responded strongly to Donald Cerrone after the light-heavyweight champion defeated Anderson Silva via unanimous decision at UFC 200.

Cerrone was taking part in a panel along with CM Punk and John Gooden for the UFC's Fight Pass coverage of the event, when the topic turned to the fight between Cormier and Silva.

Speaking about the fact that Cerrone weighed in at 206lbs, while Silva tipped the scales at 198.5lbs, according to MMA Fighting, 'Cowboy' Cerrone said "how you gonna give up weight and then fight like a f*g, man?".

Cormier has since appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and accused Cerrone of lacking class.

"My reaction to Donald is 'shut up'", he said, "Has he lost his mind? I mean what is this guy talking about?

"On what ground does he stand on that he is able to say something like that to someone like me? If he had a problem with the way that I performed, he could have told me in the back that day.

"But to do it publicly? Who are you? Are you the greatest fighter of all time? Are out the guy who went out and got stopped inteh first round by Anthony Pettis after you got kicked in the side and fell down?

"Are you the guy who got dominated by the other guy [do Anjos]? I've been nothing but a gentleman to that guy and he just likes to talk. Maybe he was drinking a little bit, I don't know. But who is he to make that decision and so crass.

"That's the type of thing that's upsetting. Who are you to think that you can say something like that? You beat a couple of guys and all of a sudden you walk around with that stupid cowboy hat. I'll smack you upside that head with that cowboy hat.

"But it was especially disappointing with everything that has happened in Orlando [the terror attacks on a gay nightclub which claimed the lives of 49 people] to use that word in those terms. Nobody is exempt from saying those things, you have to have some class.

"When I see him he'll have some words to speak to me, because you don't disrespect me like that."


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