Mayweather says a McGregor showdown will "absolutely" happen

The boxer says it will be a difficult fight for him against the Irishman

Floyd Mayweather says a fight against Conor McGregor "absolutely" will happen despite the fact that nothing is confirmed at the moment.

The 39-year-old was speaking to SHOWTIME's Steve Farhood about the possibility of a fight that has been named the 'Billion Dollar Fight'.

"It's really not a rumour. The fight may happen. We really don't know as of right now but do I think the fight will happen?" Mayweather asked himself before responding, "Absolutely."

"It has to be a boxing match because most fights that Conor McGregor won inside the octagon, he was a stand-up guy so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a tough fight for me."

Mayweather continued, "One thing about Conor McGregor, he's no pushover. He fell short in his last bout but a true champion can always bounce back. That's a guy I can't overlook."

There has been no venue confirmed or even discussed but Mayweather seems to be talking about the fight in terms of 'when' instead of 'if', which is the first true indication that something is in the works.

When money came into the equation, Mayweather, whose nickname is 'Money' says he is going to get $100 million as it is his going rate and every time he enters the squared circle he gets that figure or better.