McGregor Nostalgia: Meet the UFC featherweight champ at crucial points in his rise

Dubliner spoke to Off The Ball at key moments of his rise from challenger to champion

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Picture credit: Ramsey Cardy / SPORTSFILE

In 13 seconds, Conor McGregor got from the cusp to the culmination of the journey in the featherweight division by getting hold of the UFC belt.

The title win is a few years in the making and something he spoke to Off The Ball about at important staging points along the way.

Two years ago, he was in studio - dressed in typically dapper fashion - with the lads just 10 days before his American debut against Max Holloway when he left us with the line "F*** fame, I'm motivated by money":

A year later, he joined us at the Mercantile where he touched on trash-talking and the man he would go on to beat this weekend, Jose Aldo: