Conor McGregor taking care of business as he moves to block trademark claims

Another individual has decided they want to trade mark McGregor's name before he does

Conor McGregor is consolidating his business interests and protecting his brand as his star continues to rise. 

The Dubliner has become the face of the UFC in recent years, with his PPV fights breaking the one-million-buy-rate on multiple occasions. 

As his popularity continues to soar both at home and abroad, the Irishman is looking to expand into a number of other, different revenue streams.

He recently launched website which gives exclusive access to his training and lifestyle - offering glimpses into his life and interviews with himself and his teammates. 

However, others have been keen to cash in on his success. According to legal expert Brian Conroy, McGregor is challenging trademarks taken out on by others on "Conor McGregor", "The Notorious" and "The Mac Life".

In a blog post on the matter, Conroy details how another individual has applied for Conor McGregor trademarks in the UK and the EU, which is why the fighter has had to lodge his objections, outlining that "there exists a likelihood of confusion" between the attempted trademark and the ones McGregor has already lodged in Ireland.

McGregor's legal team, referred to as The Opponent in the documents, adds that the Dubliner has "built up a substantial reputation such that use of the Trade Mark applied for by the Applicant would, without due cause of the Trade Mark applied for, take unfair advantage of, or be detrimental to, the distinctive character or the repute of the earlier Trade Marks of the Opponent."

Or, as Conroy explains: "in non-legalese this translates to 'This punter has no f**king right to try and freeload off Conor McGregor’s name, has no connection with it, and can’t use it to confuse people into thinking anything they release has anything to do with McGregor'."

The documents also show that McGregor has moved to trademark "The Mac Life Fast," but there are no further details on what exactly that new business venture may be. 

In a recent interview, McGregor claimed that he would be releasing a training program in the wake of his next fight against Eddie Alvarez, so that fans and other fighters alike can get a glimpse at the methods that have made him so successful.

McGregor is preparing for his historic fight at UFC 205 in New York on November 5th when he is looking to become the first fighter in the history of the UFC to hold two titles concurrently.

The featherweight champion takes on lightweight champion Alvarez in the main event of the first UFC card in the state since the sport was legalised earlier this year.