McGregor-Mayweather talks "at a standstill"

The possible super-fight has generated a lot of attention recently

BY Simon Maguire 16:12 Friday 28 April 2017, 16:12 28 Apr 2017

Referee John McCarthy raises Conor McGregor's hand after winning. Image: ©INPHO/Tom Hogan

The talks for the much anticipated boxing match between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing star Floyd Mayweather appear to be deadlocked.

Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President of Showtime Sports, recently told Chris Mannix that: "The biggest battle in Mayweather-Pacquiao was both guys really thinking that the other wanted to do it - that part has happened so I think the real question, and it’s sort of a black box right now - is where’s the UFC really, on this?

"Do they, in fact, want it? Dana, speaking on behalf of, I assume, the UFC, is making noises that he’s more open to it but talk is talk. I haven’t seen a lot of progress either internally in the deal between the two of them or externally, the deal between that side and this side.

Conor McGregor celebrates winning at UFC 205. Image: ©INPHO/Tom Hogan

“It’s largely at a standstill. There hasn’t been a ton of progress and I think if they don’t move relatively quickly, people may move on. People may tire of it. But it really is something that needs to happen this year or it probably won’t happen.

"Floyd’s on 18 months, two solid years come September since he’s fought. He’s still in great shape, but at a certain point, he’s not gonna do it after a while.”

UFC President Dana White has recently discussed the possible purses each fighter might receive so Espinoza's words could be viewed as a negotiating tactic if talks officially begin.


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